The Constellations We Make | 24 June – 28 June

Anna Lytridou’s solo exhibition and site-specific installation The Constellations We Make gives the viewer the opportunity to reflect on concepts of time, location and space by inviting them to take a physical and visual journey in and around the disparate elements of her immersive installations. Lytridou is interested in how perception and memory affect our behaviour and engagement with the spaces that surround us, whether we are in man-made constructions or picturesque landscapes.


Her work challenges traditional modes of engagement with the landscape throwing the viewer back on their instincts for navigation. Her tendency for using contrasting textures such as metal with fabrics or stitching different fabrics together comes from a desire to allow the materials to guide her and to give answers to questions that arise during her practice. In the installations the metal structures function both as drawings in space and as framing devices for the paintings hung within them.

Opening Hours 

Monday-Friday: 10am – 4pm  
(By appointment only. Please email [email protected])

Thursday late hours: 6pm – 9pm 
(Book via Eventbrite here)


CYPRUS HOUSE, 13 St James’s Square, SW1Y 4LB

(All visitors are required to wear face coverings in the gallery, apart from those whose who are exempt)


Organised by the Cyprus High Commission – Cultural Section.

Sponsored by the Cultural Services – Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, Cyprus.