Feyza Nur Çilingir began her education at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, the most prominent FA school in Turkey, in 2015. Her education focused on fashion and textile design, art history, and seaming. She joined projects in brands such as Twist, Societa. She was a drawing assistant at Fsm Art and later also gave private lessons to clients. For a short duration she was an intern under Hakaan Yıldırım. Her current research includes collections such as, “the arithmetic of randomness” and “personalized jeans design”. She pioneered the philosophy of contradictions in her collections to help people who were suffering from phycological illness. She bridged the gaps between isolated points and showed that contradictions are within each other and thrive off each other. She continues her education at Mimar Sinan and at Altier as a digital design artist. She is also the assistant of abstract artist Suat Akdemir. She is interested in fashion design, drawing portraits and figures, painting, and seaming in modern art.