Femme et 4 éléments.

As soon as Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in Paris were eased, cultural life slowly coming back. Thursday, May 27th the talented artist Evgenia Silina organized an art exhibition in Paris under the intriguing title “Femme et 4 éléments”.

Art lovers, collectors, bohemians, celebrities and friends of the artist were invited to this exhibition. Evgenia is Paris based artist. She rediscovered her passion for painting in 2018, years after the very first lessons given by her father.

The strong desire to create came suddenly and stayed ever since. After taking the courses at the famous “L’École des beaux-arts de Paris”, Evgenia has developed her own style and vision.

A women’s body became an eternal source of her inspiration. Evgenia shows the power of the felinity through catching in a simple, sensual and compelling way. The artis is developing her own visual vocabulary, applying the relief technique and harmony, which is the reason why her art is very attractive to the collectors worldwide.

To get acquainted with the work of the artist, and possible to purchase one of her paintings for your collection, you can do by following this link: qrty.mobi/preview/9RRkW_

Photos by Christina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad
Production: Fashionview @fashionview.eu